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Thursday, September 7

Dedicated to Ashwini

Ashwini...My friend from school who had a very innocent smile and a jump in her step....

I heard recently from someone that she Ashwini is no pains me to hear that...Her words still ring in my ears ''if i had a phone at home, i would call you everyday to tell you good morning and good night! "

the sweetest thing ever told to me...A poem that she had written in my ''slam book'' when we were saying our farewells after 10th grade...

''Life is a journey, taken on a train,
with a pair of travellers, on every window pane,
I may sit beside you, all the journey through,
Or I may sit elsewhere, never knowing you.

But since fate has cast me to be by your side,
Let us be pleasant travellers, it is so short a ride...."

Ashwini may ur soul rest in peace...


Blogger second_wind said...

I miss her...

September 10, 2006  
Anonymous prasoon said...

may her soul rest in peace !!

a very nice poem she had worded - amazingly beutiful - am sure she'd stay by your side as a halo of happiness around you :)

September 16, 2006  
Blogger Bee said...

thanks prasoon , ya she wrote it well..

September 28, 2006  

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