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Friday, August 15


this blog n blogger r on hibernation ..zzzzzzzzz...........

Wednesday, March 19

to do to do to do

stuff i can do in the time i write a blog

Play with Baby
read other blogs
Look around for deals
Speak to friends

now.... let me decide what to pick......

Thursday, February 14

india and back

wow what a time it was.. first time for baby in India and back!

4 weddings, an engagement cum shaadi sangeet party, four cities in four different states... all the pampering ...all the attention! wow i m loving it and am sure she does too!

Maza aa gaya...

Bee-ism: Travel broadens the mind, in my case, the waistline too!

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happy valentine's day!

to all my readers and non readers....i wish a happy valentine's day!

Friday, November 30


We went to florida on the thanksgiving weekend, yep baby n all gear included....and visited sea world...

Ess is totally awed by SHAMU! we r all fans of shamu now, baby included!

i have a funny thought in my mind.... WHAT IF, just like the movie ''the truman show'', if this whole Shamu thing is make-believe?

Bee-ism: Believe or make-believe, same difference..

Friday, November 16


its sunny out here in san francisco... the thought of going back to cold weather..i m already getting the shivers..

especially its baby's first winter n lets see how it goes....

meanwhile, v r enjoying the luxury of time in SFO..the mother daughter team... :-)

bee-ism: stop dreaming... wake up... hmm..


Saturday, October 27

hobby hubby

Ess is into a major overdrive for his new hobby of woodcarving...that leaves me and baby with each other for company on weekends, and of course, the television, n phone for perpetual company....

well the brighter side is it gives me lots of opportunties for spending all my time with baby, who anyway expects 24 by 7 service !

as i go from sleepless nights into a little little better sleep nights, there is another silver lining to the cloud , i m getting quality time with my baby....

bee-ism: the world is so so different from a child's eyes... wish i could be a child again!!

Saturday, October 6


what is this life if full of care

v hv no time to stand n stare

etc etc

Sunday, September 23


Ess sleepin, baby sleepin, out on patio with a cup of hot masala chai... ah, sheer bliss!

Tuesday, September 18

ganesha at our home

Ess' creativity is evident here... baby's bib is Balganesh's carpet! :-)
also balganesh is made out of turmeric powder!
Ganpati bappa morya!

Sunday, September 2


i suddenly find laloo v cute! for getting converted, i just watched the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 on zee.. amazing concept n good fun n good idea to mix politics with music.. thoda hat ke!

bee-ism: thoda hat ke always works... in show biz..

Sunday, August 5

She is here!

and can be seen on ...

Friday, July 6


A century !
100 posts!

do i write so much? does anyone even read it? doesnt matter...its gonna be out there somewhere in cyberspace....maybe when i want to reflect on my life, i can use this for contemplating.....

hmm writing all this i guess also means that i hv so much time on my hands!

or perhaps thats the state right now, but who knows what the future holds....

Bee-ism: As the wise folks say, past or future doesnt matter, i wanna remember that the present is my gift and therefore treasure it!

Wednesday, July 4

4th july

the D-date is here, fireworks all around the nation...

lets see whether our baby decides to come n celebrate the independence day fun or is content some more inside!

Monday, June 18

A R Rehman Rocks

Made it to A R Rehman show amidst major speculation by friends! they couldnt imagine how we could risk labor in case it happens while the show is on...

risk takers as we are, we anyways decided to go ahead instead of missing the once in three years opportunity for some fantastic music!

hope the baby turns out to be rocking too!

bee-ism: Fun is a relative term.... and so is the concept of enjoyment!

Tuesday, June 12

shop shop

am so happpppy that lots of stuff of baby has arrived.... after hours of research and shopping.... i m hoping baby uses and enjoys each of the things we have bought for her....