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Tuesday, December 27

The best on American TV

Watching television in US of A is quite different from watching it back home... For one, the remote here gets slowed down considerably in the so called ''interactive'' channels. On the plus side, Its amazing to see an entire channel devoted to food, one devoted to comedy, and so on.. Can''t get more niche than that.

Best program of all is the all time favorite ''Whose line is it anyway'' on ABC. Best of wit, best of presence of mind, best of mime, best of compering, best audience too. Always fun to watch, especially if you watch it with someone you love.

Bee-ism: Who laugh together, stay together


Thursday, December 22

Feliz Navidad

There's Xmas spirit in the air... Decorations on folk's houses, music on the hold tones, programs on TV, commercials on TV, shopping magazines that keep coming into the mailbox, food stuff, nothing is spared ....

Santa pic is also on my door to welcome friends... Only thing left for me is to find out the Xmas carols CD I had and keep playing in instead of the assorted stuff I am listening to nowadays...

Well, so to keep the mood, here's wishing one and all a Merry Xmas, Feliz Navidad, Shubh Naataal, etc etc.

Food for thought: For those of you who have read the Da Vinci Code (and feel that its true) , do you believe X'mas should be celebrated in the same way we do right now? Don't sneer @ me , twas just a thought...

Time and again

Time is such an equalizer - you and I both have the same amount available everyday! There are folks who however, do not understand the meaning of respecting other folks' time. I point brooding over that long, time will be the healer, though when it happens time and again, the healing has to begin all over again..

If we were to say, draw of graph of the times we are happy v/s times we are sad, most of us would come up with a kind of regular cyclical pattern of one after the other. No one can be infitely happy, no matter how hard they try. And folks who try to keep themselves infinitely sad, do face little joys here and there. Its all how we take it. I learnt this the hard way, but yes, it just requires a little practice to keep remembering all the time about this particular graph.

There is an amazing word in Hindi called ''Sthitipragya''- which losely translates as one who remains constant in any condition. I wonder if this state is any different from Nirvana...

Food for thought: If time were actually money, would you spend it the way you are doing now?

Wednesday, December 21

Wishlist for rest of life

Wishlist for Bee and Ess

  • Write a book
  • Learn a new language
  • Throw kiddie parties
  • Own the whole Tom and Jerry collection
  • Watch the whole Malgudi days episodes
  • Make friends with folks of substance
  • Learn some unusual skill
  • Have a beachhouse
  • Keep a garden
  • Travel to at least 5 continents
  • Ride a helicopter
  • Take up a fun job like ''tea-taster' or ''chocolate-taster''
  • Experience bliss - daily

Spirituality and Bee

Having been born in an over-religious country, its no surprise to face a flood of spirtituality all over the place. Personally what has appealed to me so far is the Art of Living stuff. But to each his own.. Any path that helps to attain happiness and appeals is the way to go.. Besides.. religion is what sometimes helps us keep sanity in this crazy world; the only time when religion harms is when folks over-do it, like it is with over-doing anything else...

So far so good.. then.. I have been a spiritual traveller and have gone places just to explore new concepts in spirituality, seek new gurus, and so on...

Now at this phase, settling down so to say in life, one thing becomes clearer than always, no matter which Guru you go to , if you are not good on the inside, it will all seem like useless. You need to deserve good Guru in order to find one..

Tea with Bee

There are two kinds of people in the world - The tea lovers and the unfortunate.

Belonging to the first category, I need just one thing to wake me up from slumber - a good strong cuppa chai.. Of course, adding ginger and mint leaves makes it heavenly...

Having made a good cuppa, the best accompaniment to that i like is the KHARI biscuits.. Available in most indian stores here, its a thing inseparable from Chai, like say Bread and butter!, or like say, Ess and me! Goes always with the other!

Mind starts clearing out, I make plans for the day, sometimes just window gaze, but always always need these few minutes of personal time for soul searching, no matter what.

The aroma also fills up the house with a beautiful cheer.. I wonder if they have tea-scented candles/room freshners in US? Anything is possible or imaginable here... So no limits to what all things tea can add flavor to!

Ess was essentially a non-tea drinker to begin with, but having seen my passion for a good strong cuppa, he has converted and gives me the occassional company! See one more reason for that award (read my profile for details).

If you ever go to Mumbai (India), and belong to the first category of people, don't miss out on that next to heaven place called ''tea center'', near Churchgate. The sheer variety of teas there! Ah! Delight to all the senses...

Well - more about my and Ess's fav foods and drinks and places later! Sure to come sometime...

PS : for superstitions related to tea, visit

My First One

Well folks, here I am .

New country, new life, new friends, new environment, new blah blah blah...

USA did give me the cold welcome, so to say, what with the snow being all around the place when I landed here one and a half weeks back..

Now back home, we have everything so colorful.. The only color I could see here then was in my husband's art kit! Well.. Now its kinda improved with the sun peeping into our house to check if we are doing fine!

Discovering new things everyday does add joy to life! Like this bloggy thing, an ex-colleague (sounds worse since I am not working anymore) told me about it, and I kept keeping it for the ONE FINE DAY which is today!

I hope to write not about some fancy world breaking stuff, but something based on my day to day experiences out here. Well, so blog-readers world, here I am, here and now....