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Thursday, December 22

Time and again

Time is such an equalizer - you and I both have the same amount available everyday! There are folks who however, do not understand the meaning of respecting other folks' time. I point brooding over that long, time will be the healer, though when it happens time and again, the healing has to begin all over again..

If we were to say, draw of graph of the times we are happy v/s times we are sad, most of us would come up with a kind of regular cyclical pattern of one after the other. No one can be infitely happy, no matter how hard they try. And folks who try to keep themselves infinitely sad, do face little joys here and there. Its all how we take it. I learnt this the hard way, but yes, it just requires a little practice to keep remembering all the time about this particular graph.

There is an amazing word in Hindi called ''Sthitipragya''- which losely translates as one who remains constant in any condition. I wonder if this state is any different from Nirvana...

Food for thought: If time were actually money, would you spend it the way you are doing now?


Blogger Dinesh said...

I am tipping desipundit about 'Time and again'. Its worth read by more.

December 29, 2005  

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