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Wednesday, December 21

Tea with Bee

There are two kinds of people in the world - The tea lovers and the unfortunate.

Belonging to the first category, I need just one thing to wake me up from slumber - a good strong cuppa chai.. Of course, adding ginger and mint leaves makes it heavenly...

Having made a good cuppa, the best accompaniment to that i like is the KHARI biscuits.. Available in most indian stores here, its a thing inseparable from Chai, like say Bread and butter!, or like say, Ess and me! Goes always with the other!

Mind starts clearing out, I make plans for the day, sometimes just window gaze, but always always need these few minutes of personal time for soul searching, no matter what.

The aroma also fills up the house with a beautiful cheer.. I wonder if they have tea-scented candles/room freshners in US? Anything is possible or imaginable here... So no limits to what all things tea can add flavor to!

Ess was essentially a non-tea drinker to begin with, but having seen my passion for a good strong cuppa, he has converted and gives me the occassional company! See one more reason for that award (read my profile for details).

If you ever go to Mumbai (India), and belong to the first category of people, don't miss out on that next to heaven place called ''tea center'', near Churchgate. The sheer variety of teas there! Ah! Delight to all the senses...

Well - more about my and Ess's fav foods and drinks and places later! Sure to come sometime...

PS : for superstitions related to tea, visit


Blogger Dinesh said...

Count me in the unfortunate category :). I prefer coffee to tea

December 29, 2005  
Blogger Bee said...

dinesh..try changing religions once buddy. bet this one is safer...

January 04, 2006  

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