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Wednesday, December 21

Spirituality and Bee

Having been born in an over-religious country, its no surprise to face a flood of spirtituality all over the place. Personally what has appealed to me so far is the Art of Living stuff. But to each his own.. Any path that helps to attain happiness and appeals is the way to go.. Besides.. religion is what sometimes helps us keep sanity in this crazy world; the only time when religion harms is when folks over-do it, like it is with over-doing anything else...

So far so good.. then.. I have been a spiritual traveller and have gone places just to explore new concepts in spirituality, seek new gurus, and so on...

Now at this phase, settling down so to say in life, one thing becomes clearer than always, no matter which Guru you go to , if you are not good on the inside, it will all seem like useless. You need to deserve good Guru in order to find one..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing I learnt looking for gurus is that you will always stay a follower (when following a guru). Seeking knowledge and wisdom turned out to be a better option for me than seeking a guru. By seeking knowledge and wisdom I could carve my own path. (This could be a personal journey and having a guru might help others)

And this knowledge and wisdom can be sought everywhere. The "joy of being in the moment" from a kid to "life is fleeting" from a funeral procession. Life is a great teacher and ultimate guru for me.

-H.R (

January 30, 2006  

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