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Friday, March 31

Beautiful anna

Anna is so beautiful....

She is about 80 years old... Always smiling...Always saying ''so beautiful'' for everything... for the neighbourhood, for the folks staying in it, for everything in the house, for the food..

Me and Ess invited her for dinner once..and heard that word again and again... She is like that. Full of eyes that see only beauty.

She is also very fond of walking. Goes out of her house at least 5 times, on pretexts like throwing out garbage, laundry, shopping, walk, etc. Guess that keeps her occupied. The only time when she was not seen for her walks is when it snowed like crazy last month (See Anna's house in the pic in 2 feet of snow).

Though she is alone, her enthusiasm is never down. She does miss her husband who died 4 years ago, her folks in Germany.. She hates New york, because she worked there for 30 years when she could work, and didn't like the noisy and busy city..

Got to learn a lot from Anna... Especially how to look at only the beauty in everything. Rest doesn't matter...

Wednesday, March 22

My Angel

Here is a picture of my Angel.....


Am with one of my Aunt at NYC for a few days, its so much like, well Mumbai. The skyline from the window reminds me of Nariman point, as well as the traffic noise. Only now I can appreciate how much more quieter NJ is!

Hope to do some walkarounds by myself later in the day.. and check out all the buzz...

'I Love NY' slogan is all around... Lemme also try n discover that...

Thursday, March 16

a ''normal'' life

Last few days have gone in trying to be 'normal' again... its tough to face any loss, but with Ess being around, it seems like the future is so bright and whats to worry?

feels good to be back to be able to blog, type, eat, walk, smile, n all other mundane stuff..

A cousin of mine told me something that i will never forget: Lucky r those souls who go away from this world without even being born!

God perhaps takes away angels whom he loves...

Bee-ism: if i hv to count my life by friends not years, i guess i m quite young right now... not bad tho. Quality matters, not quantity alone...

Tuesday, March 14

long time

been a long time since i hv been online...

life is strange...

it takes an understanding partner to make everything so easy...

Wednesday, March 1

weight n watch

Am hoping that we have some weighscale at home sometime soon...So I can know exactly how I am doin'!

Am missing those funny machines that used to be there at most of the railway platforms in Mumbai, where one could insert a rupee coin and find out the weight! Way back, I remember I was taking a kid neighbour of mine on a joy ride in the train..He was about 4 years old but insisted on buying ticket for himself.. So I made him stand on one of these weighing machines and when the weight ticket came out, he was satisfied throughout the journey that he had a ticket for himself!

I had joined a gym in the neighbourhood along with Ess, but 'parental' pressure has made me quit it, since they are not quite sure whether its right for me at this time and want me to hold on to such activities and rather do only exercises like walking!

Bee-ism: Go take a walk.. literally!