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Wednesday, March 1

weight n watch

Am hoping that we have some weighscale at home sometime soon...So I can know exactly how I am doin'!

Am missing those funny machines that used to be there at most of the railway platforms in Mumbai, where one could insert a rupee coin and find out the weight! Way back, I remember I was taking a kid neighbour of mine on a joy ride in the train..He was about 4 years old but insisted on buying ticket for himself.. So I made him stand on one of these weighing machines and when the weight ticket came out, he was satisfied throughout the journey that he had a ticket for himself!

I had joined a gym in the neighbourhood along with Ess, but 'parental' pressure has made me quit it, since they are not quite sure whether its right for me at this time and want me to hold on to such activities and rather do only exercises like walking!

Bee-ism: Go take a walk.. literally!


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