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Tuesday, January 31

Across time zones

I've missed calling my two v good Aquarian friends back home for wishing on their birthdays, not because I didn't want to, its the time zones to be blamed..

When I remember that I should call, its somewhere in the middle of the day, and it would be too odd to call them up and wake them up from slumber. By the time I am done for the day and sleepy, the day would be over for them! So , to precisely call the person somewhere during the birthday (in GMT + 5.30 timezone), there are only two options for calling from US:

a) call on the night before the birthday, so that means, that it will be like early morning on the big bday for friends,
OR b) Wake up early to wish dear friend.

Option a) is very good, but actually requires one to remember the birthday in advance.. For folks like me, when I see the date on laptop while adjusting the speaker volume, on the right hand corner below, thats when I remember that I gotta call... However, to make it in time, MAYBE I should push my laptop date to a day ahead... That may solve the problem temporarily, with the advantage that I can say that I am ''living ahead of my times'' quite literally.

Option b) is not really implementable for the simple fact that it requires lot of effort to get up early, something like say 4-5 alarms with snooze options. Given that me and Ess both hate the sound of a morning alarm, even if it tries to wake us up with melodious bird chirps (Chee-chee-chee, chee-chee-chee), this option seems far less practical than option a).

So for now, the winner is, Option a), hands down. But wait a minute, what if I mess up the date while checking, or what if I start making my payments like one day ahead of the date required... Nah, option a) is out too.

I hope that friends across time zones will be able to appreciate that its not like I didn't want to wish, its just that - I was living one day behind your times..

Bee-ism: Its the thought that counts, but then, who does all the counting?

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