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Monday, January 16

Movie time

So its been one long weekend and been seeing one desi movie each for all the three days..

Hanuman (Animated) is the best of the lot, with a very cute baby hanuman.

Also watched the long time ago released 'Ramji london-wale', it was actually a pleasant surprise to see a feel good Hindi movie after so long!

The third which would surely put anyone's patience to test is the Vivek Oberoi starrer 'Kyon, Ho gaya Na'; firstly because of the tooo long duration and secondly, because one is left confused till the end what exactly does the hero want! But then, Bollywood is like that. At least this one didn't have unnecessary violence and stuff. The music was the only saving grace of this one..

So then, its three days gone away like three hours.. Again a big wait for Ess till Friday :-(

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