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Friday, January 6

Seasons of life

Well...its winter now - its cold everywhere, sometimes snows, sometimes rains, sometimes its just sunny.

Then's gonna be the spring - color and cheer everywhere...

Of course summer then - with its warmth and longer sunnier days...

Fall then - with the trees shedding their covers.

One can draw analogy to life right here.. we all have our own winters, our own springs, our own summers. Only most of us forget that life is nothing but a change of seasons, so to make the most of every season, all we need is to be dressed appropriately and welcome that particular season that we keep ourselves warm and comforted inside.. I wish someone had pointed out these seasonal pattern in real life earlier. I can see it now that I am in the warmest of times.. Better now than never though....

Bee-ism: Life's seasons are not as distinguished as the seasons in nature, just requires a discerning eye to figure out this pattern, and then - Hakuna - matata (as the Lion king said)!


Blogger Dinesh said...

Excellent read!

January 10, 2006  

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