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Wednesday, January 4

The Big break - literally

Having worked right after college until sometime in October 05, this has been my biggest ''break" so to say, being in a state of unemployment now from about more than 2 months. Ess is kind of neutral towards the whole thing... and now, the Lazy monster in me is threatening to rule the rest of my days; not that it never ruled earlier...

Well, so to answer a lot of people's's a sample list of things that I do currently on weekdays, when most of you are slogging away at your respective projects in offices...this isn't exhaustive though:

1. Obviously - Blogging
2. Watch TV
3. Watch Movies - Foreign or otherwise
4. Go for shopping
5. Set up and maintain house
6. Chat with old time friends, my solo companion Mr Laptop giving me company all the time..
7. Surf randomly, in the hope for a really useful website... for example: Today's good finds are - and
8. Chat on phone - all possible folks whom I know in this country
9. Listen to music downloaded by Ess (yep he's got a good taste, definitely better than mine) and also to his iPod
10. Stare out of the window (yes sometimes as a break from break, you know)

So folks... this is my version of the fine art of doing nothing in this big break that I am enjoying currently. Suggestions welcome from you readers..

Bee-ism: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Oops, lets finish off unfinished tasks rightaway..


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