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Tuesday, January 3

Its already Oh-6

So as we are welcoming the year '06, getting back to our routines, back from vacations, back to computers, back from warm and happy times, let us hope that the new year brings lotsa wonderful things to all of us... especially good health and happiness in all we do..

There is something wonderful about spending new year's with folks you care and love - close friends and family. It somehow sets a very positive tone for the new year.. One crazy thing folks in and around New york should try out (we did thats why suggesting): Sit on the party bike going around in Times square, its the orange colored mutli-cycle where 5-6 people can sit at a time, the guy who controls it (Paul) is awesome, brakes at the right time, makes people sing, and makes the whole trip of 20 minutes more fun than any amusement park can provide...

So.... cheers to Oh-6 then!


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