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Wednesday, January 11

Wisdom gained

Its an amazing thing to suddenly have a wisdom tooth come out from nowwhere! Its like, where was it so long? I got this sometime last month, and it took a few days to get used to eating n all, with the new chewing participant. Its difficult and also funny to try and get this new tooth 'cleaned' up. But anyways, now we have 'grown' on each other...Got used to it finally.

While trying to find info on wisdom tooth on the net, most of the sites suggest a removal of the wisdom tooth... Hmm, I am sure they put they put that up for dentists to make more moolah out of it.

Another fact that comes to light is, this tooth is supposed to appear either during teens or upto the age of 25. So I am glad that this is actually a flattering thing that though my age is more, I can suddenly feel like I am on the right side of 20's! Yipee!!

When I mentioned to Mom that I got wisdom tooth, she said that I became wise because I got married it seems! So that means that all credit to Ess? No no, I became wise myself, like some enlightenment or something... :-) has some general gyan on wisdom teeth..

Bee-ism: There is no unit of measurement for wisdom. Is that why wisdom is relative?

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