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Tuesday, January 10

Instant world

Happened to go this weekend to a temple near a friend's place. The most surprising find out there was a book in the temple's bookshop 'Learn to speak Sanskrit in 10 days'.

Well, I see in this country that literally everything is available instant. If Instant noodles and soup was not enough, there is instant pastries, instant laundry, instant whatever... So with this new ínstant fever that we newcomers face, I have begun my quest to learn this ancient holy language in a jiffy.

I am on Day 1 of the lessons today, so far so good. Lets see how it goes. Even if it takes me more than 10 days, I am ok since there is no ''exam'' or something ...

Cheers to folks who come out with such things!

Bee-ism: Better now than never, better instantly than forever...

PS: Discovered this online Sanskrti to English (and vice versa) dictionary, something similar to Google Language tools, check it out:

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