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Friday, January 13

One day in a radio studio

So there's a totally different experience I've had, this country never fails to surprise me!

So I visited this desi Radio station's office, and guess what, there seemed to be a total of 2.5 people running the show! (2 full time and one part-time)

Also did auditioning for a radio ad, and came out right in the 2.5th time (first time - pronounciation needed to be changed + I was too soft spoken, second time - I went half way and corrected myself again, so the next one was a good take then). I think not bad considering that it was my first time in a radio studio!

Next: learnt to edit radio ads and do stuff like mix music, boost voice, etc. Interesting stuff actually. Lo and behold, I got to practice on my own voice, and had the broadcast-worthy ad ready!

Also learnt during the day how to edit playlists and keep them going even when no-one is present at the radio station. Basically the station's on 24 by 7, and is broadcast from NY, and heard even on Worldspace in countries like Kenya it seems.

So far so good.. So, the understanding was: if I like this stuff, I would have to continue this way as long as I wanted. Only one catch though, why had to leave this , it was way too far from the Bee N Ess-den, took like 3 hours to reach and similar time back! Phew! Mumbai was better , there used to be lesser commute!

To add to this, there was this guy who was a broadcaster for one particular regional show, and who also runs his own TV channel it seems. He asked if I wanted to act in his channel! Never thought of that ..Funny.. I am back to enjoying the break then, and am convinced that one day, given the resources, me n Ess can confidently run a niche radio station! Maybe Ess will be the DJ then or rather, RJ .......

As someone said - if music be the food of love, play on..

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