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Friday, January 20

Paradigm shift

Well its true that in the US of A, kuch bhi ho sakta hai... but still what I found surprising here while shopping the other day, is, not some funny invention mind you, but something even funnier: Haldiram's cookies!!

Now back home, the word Haldiram's brings to our minds all kinds of namkeens, savories, sweet n spicy mixtures, and of course desi sweets. But Haldiram's cookies? It was like being told MacDonald's will serve McPav Bhaji! Or Taco Bell selling Dosas!

To add variety to the sack, they have put flavors like almonds, chocolate chip, cashew, and well - here comes the true Haldiram's again - two totally desi flavors - JEERA and AJWAIN !! Having been a great Haldiram's fan from ages, I am usually too tempted to try out all the new stuff they bring out. So these last two ones - the desi flavors - have a full thumbs up from Bee and Ess. Yes folks, go for it , and avoid all the firangi flavors of the cookies.

Bee-ism: With or without the drink, food and love make a good cocktail ..