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Thursday, February 16

Diet challenge

Gotta be strong... its not like it could be the most difficult challenge in the world or something.. just the realization that a good diet and exercise r v v important right now... and its not as easy to follow as it sounds.

Here is doc's prescribed diet - DAILY (Way more than what I normally would have had):
  • 4 servings of fruits
  • 4 servings of vegetables
  • 12 slices or bread / roti or rice equivalent
  • 4 glasses or milk or equivalent milk products (Curds/lassi/cheese etc)
  • Eggs or Lentils (Dals) am trying... hoping that i can follow at least more than 50 % of what is prescribed. And hope that the multi-vitamin I am having is magical for the rest 50% !

Bee-ism: Apple a day used to keep the doctor away... now its prunes...


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