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Wednesday, February 22

Chini Chinese khana

Me and Ess happened to accidentally visit Chinatown, the chini place right in New york City... Hungry as we were, we spotted a joint with the board ''House of Vegeterian''...

If this was apna desh, I mean this would have been no surprise, but right in the midst of Chinatown in New york City, this seemed like an odd proposition... We went in to confirm if it was indeed what its name suggested, and entered into a small establishment that seemed to have waitresses tired of smiling only becos they would have worked too hard...

Anyways, we lost no time in ordering ''Brown rice with vegetables in curry sauce'', ''Spring rolls'', ''Steamed dumplings'' and ''Friend dumplings''. Back home, whatever Chinese we eat either at upmarket Chini joints like Mainland China, or in suburban joints, is all 'desi Chinese'. But this was Chini Chinese....

And to my surprise, we were more than satisfied with all the items.. Of course I kind of desified it by adding sweet n sour sauce and hot sauce at the same time.. But what the heck, it still made one tasty lunch! The biggest surprise was that the bill came to wonly 18 bucks for all these 4 items put together.. So value joint too for veggie folks like me ..

They also confirmed that they don't add MSG, the stuff that most desi Chinese cooks add to give it some kinda flavor I guess... I am so glad to have hit upon this place.. Where most food joints out here do not understand the palate or variety that can be had for vegeterian customers...

Glory be to Chini Chinese. Its waiting to be discovered!

Bee-ism: Chini Chinese Hello-hi, desi Chinese bye-bye...


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