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Tuesday, February 21

Visit to ISKCON NY

Visited ISKCON in Brooklyn, it was very beautiful to attend the kirtan, and have the prasad too! Unfortunately, did not remember to carry the digicam... The Kirtan there was almost like being on a dance floor.. Loud music, folks around dancing, singing, clapping...

We hope to go some time later and capture the lovely images of Radha-govind there...

Here's their official link :

Bee-ism: Our body is a temple because 'Aham brahmasmi' (God resides within us).. Still its enchanting to once in a while visit some prayer places and feel the power of group prayer..


Blogger Dinesh said...

And I liked the idea of Haldiram Cookies and McPav Bhajis in one of ur prev posts..hehe

February 22, 2006  

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