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Friday, December 29

happy holidays n happy new year...

happy holidays n new year!

Wednesday, December 13

Home improvement week

Ess has been into Home Improvement week from last weekend, hopefully it will make our home well, improved with better lighting, better storage, better utilities / gadgets and so on!

Bee-ism: Sometimes, a time with nothing on the to-do list is the best time a couple can have!

Tuesday, December 5

December Potluck: Trying something new

Check out what I'm gonna make for tomorrow's potluck lunch here

If it tastest even half as tasty as what a friend of mine had made, mumbai mein, I guess I will award myself something!! ;-)

Bee-ism: If we live everyday just to savor and relish that day alone, then entire weeks and months start to get better somehow!

Sunday, December 3


The miracle of creation is so amazing...

Absolutely wondrous to see a tiny one inch long baby's heart beating! i guess nothing in the world compares to the sight of this....

Bee-ism: Am Speechless