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Monday, May 21


well another 5 or 6 weeks for baby to arrive....

seems like ages! am so eager to meet her!

i dont know whether i will or will not blog once my little one arrives..i have heard horror stories of 2 minute baths and 3 minute lunches in life after baby....

So just relaxing my independent life as of now!

Bee-ism: giving birth seems like a rebirth...

Tuesday, May 15

one year ago.

can't believe that a year has passed that mom passed away...the memory is still fresh as if it was yday...

i miss you mom n wherever u r, happy mothers day..

Sunday, May 6

lazing around

sometimes, all one wants to do is just laze around....

of course this includes essential activities like eating, sleeping, browsing through some book, listening to some music...

but i love this phase of life and feel v lucky to be able to do just that...

as we await the tiny new arrival in our lives soon, i am savoring every moment of my possibly last few weeks of lazing around in life!!

Bee-ism: if you got the time to stand and spare, count your blessings!