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A homemaker. A wife. A sister. A daugther in law. A friend. Currently unemployed but havin' the best time ever, all thanks to Ess

Thursday, February 15

love is in the air

Surprising Ess with a heart shaped balloon and some flower decorations at home: Priceless ...

Bee-ism: love is in the air... valentine's day is just an excuse to express it!

Monday, February 5


As winter sets its fury, and the outside ''feels like'' temperature drops to minus 22 Deg C i.e. abt minus 6 Deg F, I am off to make another cup of tea, and of course turn on the heat!

Oh when will spring come when i dont have to bother with weather forecast before stepping out....

Hate getting locked up at home like this.....

Bee-ism: Is it God, or is it just the helplessness of science to nature such that we cannot, for all the scientific advances in the world , modify the weather?