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Wednesday, October 18

yeh jo des hai mera

swades hai mera...

as i listen to this fav song of mine....well, i m packin' up for a wedding in the family...

hope to meet all folks near and dear, and smell and feel bharatdesh.... i wish it rains so i can get that beautiful smell that comes whenever it rains after a gap of time!

Well, is this a blog hibernation? well, yes, maybe no... who knows..... but definitely it won't be on top of my things to do ...cause its already brimming with hajaar activities!

May the Goddess of wealth shower her blessings on all of you and may Lord Ganesha give all of us the strength to always make the right decisions, in the general good of our loved ones!

bee-ism: a smell can transport you to another world, like a dream...

Tuesday, October 17

melting pot

The new apartment feels like a melting pot of different cultures.....

why there was even a cat at our sit-out yesterday....!

Bee-ism: Friendship requires investment of time, yes it does... No investment, no returns...

Tuesday, October 10


i wish there was a blogworthiness index, cause like i have a million topics to blog about in my mind, but my pen (Ah, nopes, the keypad) is not willing to support even one of them right now!

Bee-ism: If we could only count by measuring, how about God's infinite (and mostly One-sided) love?

Wednesday, October 4

My 2 cents about Orkut communities

Social networking is what they call it..this phenomenon of Orkutting...

Well, thats what it is... I would have never known ( A fact that anyway does not do any good, or bad for that matter), is that an ex-colleague of mine is my cousin's school-friend! Or I would have never known what XYZ who was a fresher at my previous office has like 120 friends, or that my little cousin who I thought is the shy types has 220 friends!! Beats me, what the heck, I am not that popular that means.. I need more as in Headcount as they say in the s/w industry..

So we try to search for old friends/colleagues/college friends/school pals/train friends (If u r from Bombay), Area friends/anyone and everyone... Koi to kabhi ko milega types... I think thats what they call the Orkut-addiction and some folks are glad to be part of it!

Well, to each his own. I went there to be in touch with mainly Cousins of India.. unfortunately, there is no such category in ''you are on Orkut for'' .. The Categories are only ''Friends/activity partners/Dating/Business Networking''. Well, so one has to be diplomatic and chooose 'cause you never know who might be seeing your profile....

and I HATE the scrapbook funda, even though I do scrap sometimes in other folks scrapbooks.. I find it too impersonal. Why not write a message instead, through Orkut itself? I wish they come up with some tool where you could moderate messages on ur scrapbook. Anyone who is not on your friends' list can also write a scrap.. So in conclusion, the whole scrapbook can be a crapbook isn't it ?

Well, just like email and SMS, I guess Orkut is another one of those in-things that we will all get used to in a few years perhaps.

Someone who was ignorant (and therefore blissful) about Orkut asked me: Whats the full form of ORKUT?

Any answers?

Bee-ism: The world is surely shrinking, but aren't we creating more barriers by creating more 'communities' ?

Project ''Move''

So finallly we have moved into a new apartment...

Am sharing here some truths about moving that I discovered only recently:

  • You NEVER know how much stuff you have until you move. Packing is a project by itself
  • Moving things requires BIG STRONG people to move it. Never think you can manage it yourself. If it was not for my 6.11'' cousin, we would still be 'moving' ..
  • Never estimate a person's strength from the size. My uncle's brother, who is of average height and build, together with the above mentioned cousin, could lift, with lots of effort of course, the 250 pounds heavy TV.. ufff..and we had thought we might need to call in at least 3 or 4 friends or something...
  • Rental trucks (UHauls) give better deals between Sunday to Thursday, so its wiser to move in those days in case you have a choice and more stuff to move.
  • Moving into a first floor apartment is easier than moving out of a second floor apartment.
  • At least couple of things are gonna break in the whole moving process, so there is really no use crying over it.... think of it as 'shagun' ...aur kya...
  • Telephone /cable guys work at their own times... everyone here goes by appointment, so book your appointment early if you want the services to be up early...
  • Same goes for the electricity guys too! And all these folks work ONLY Monday to Friday, so in case you are moving over the weekend, you make sure you have at least electricity the Friday before, so that you don't have to fumble around in the darkness in the new apartment.. As it is one has to jump over the things all over the place for the first few days..
  • Keeping the kitchen 'closed' is a good idea for 4 or 5 days so one can ensure a smoother move...
  • Cleaning the old apartment is a subproject of the 'Moving' project and needs its own Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.
  • Last but not the least, the next big project is on hand before you even know it, and that's the ''Project : Unpacking'' !!