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Wednesday, October 18

yeh jo des hai mera

swades hai mera...

as i listen to this fav song of mine....well, i m packin' up for a wedding in the family...

hope to meet all folks near and dear, and smell and feel bharatdesh.... i wish it rains so i can get that beautiful smell that comes whenever it rains after a gap of time!

Well, is this a blog hibernation? well, yes, maybe no... who knows..... but definitely it won't be on top of my things to do ...cause its already brimming with hajaar activities!

May the Goddess of wealth shower her blessings on all of you and may Lord Ganesha give all of us the strength to always make the right decisions, in the general good of our loved ones!

bee-ism: a smell can transport you to another world, like a dream...


Blogger second_wind said...

UR beeism is so true....happens everytime esp when u smell the rain :)Hope u have a fun trip

October 19, 2006  
Blogger Avi said...

Nice bee-ism :) Came to ur blog through Dinesh's. Nice one...

October 26, 2006  

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