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Thursday, September 28


Chikungunya seems to be the relatively new 'hot' disease around.... Everyone knows someone who has it, at least in bharatdesh.....koi toh hoga...

Time to say again, yeh macchar bhi aadmi ko... whatever...

Read all about this new threat from mosquitos, (yeah its for real), on wikipedia here

Come to think of it, I sometimes get these wierd ideas that when the folks who make n sell products like Bayer Baygon spray/tortoise/odomos might in their spare time be given roles to increase the mosquitoes in the country? I hope this is only a figment of my imagination and not the truth, the whole truth or even the partial truth...

Why am I talking about this non-veg sounding disease anyways? Well, someone in our family's got it, and well, your eyes only open up to something when you face it real bad, as they say - Seeing IS believing..

Insects do rule over a certain part of the world, even in this day and age of hi-tech advances in the pharma world... Hygiene and prevention may sometimes not be enough.

The day when India becomes a hypochondriac is the day when it would truly be on the path to liberation from the so-called third world diseases... Yeah we need to be paranoid about it, go to extreme measures...

Bee-ism: The pen is mightier than the sword, but is the keyboard mightier than the pen?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

aren't all diseases non-veg in a way?

something eating up something else inside..

September 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hate ur beeisms.

October 03, 2006  

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