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Tuesday, September 19

Potluck: Meaning and Origin

While i organise a potluck lunch party to welcome fall, let's see what wikipedia has to say about it:

POTLUCK: A potluck is a dinner party in which guests bring dishes to share

Some history on potluck: The word potluck is often erroneously said to originate from the Native American term potlatch.
The word potluck dates from the sixteenth century, and the earliest written citation is
1592 - in England. ("That that pure sanguine complexion of yours may never be famisht with pot lucke", Thomas Nashe, see the Oxford English Dictionary for full reference). It is a portmanteau word formed from pot and luck.
Source: ""

So then, hope to have fun! The theme this time is: NO Desi food!

And do send in your experiences with potluck, if any!


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