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Thursday, September 7

babysitting with two cute babies

well, one day last week as well as this tuesday, it seems that certain babysitters overstayed their labor day weekends...and well...that put me into the spot of babysitting 2 babies , kids of Ess' friend...

But these were so cute, so adorable and also they were so independent, so well was so impressive and a v v easy job!

And here's the beautiful flowers that they gave me when they had come over to my place some other day for Lunch.. Ess made Alphabet pasta for the kids and biryani for the big kids! :-)

I took them over to a neighbor who has a 2 year old and a roomful of toys..their question to me was: Where is her sister? when i replied that she does not have a sister, the next question was, WHY she doesnt have a sister!!

Its like a rule as if everybody should have a sister! How nice!

Bee-ism: The world is different if u view it from a child's eyes...


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