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Friday, March 31

Beautiful anna

Anna is so beautiful....

She is about 80 years old... Always smiling...Always saying ''so beautiful'' for everything... for the neighbourhood, for the folks staying in it, for everything in the house, for the food..

Me and Ess invited her for dinner once..and heard that word again and again... She is like that. Full of eyes that see only beauty.

She is also very fond of walking. Goes out of her house at least 5 times, on pretexts like throwing out garbage, laundry, shopping, walk, etc. Guess that keeps her occupied. The only time when she was not seen for her walks is when it snowed like crazy last month (See Anna's house in the pic in 2 feet of snow).

Though she is alone, her enthusiasm is never down. She does miss her husband who died 4 years ago, her folks in Germany.. She hates New york, because she worked there for 30 years when she could work, and didn't like the noisy and busy city..

Got to learn a lot from Anna... Especially how to look at only the beauty in everything. Rest doesn't matter...


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