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Thursday, March 16

a ''normal'' life

Last few days have gone in trying to be 'normal' again... its tough to face any loss, but with Ess being around, it seems like the future is so bright and whats to worry?

feels good to be back to be able to blog, type, eat, walk, smile, n all other mundane stuff..

A cousin of mine told me something that i will never forget: Lucky r those souls who go away from this world without even being born!

God perhaps takes away angels whom he loves...

Bee-ism: if i hv to count my life by friends not years, i guess i m quite young right now... not bad tho. Quality matters, not quantity alone...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please accept my heart-felt condolences. Keep up your spirits. I hear that it is fairly common for first time pregnancies to end in mis-carriages. If that is the way nature intended, you cannot really fight it much. (

March 17, 2006  
Blogger Bee said...

thanks Anon (bany_1999)..

March 22, 2006  

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