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Wednesday, January 24

things i wanna do in the next one month

  • play in the snow
  • watch 'Guru'
  • arrange a surprise candlelight dinner for Ess (Maybe on valentine's day??) On second thots, it cld be any day!
  • go on a babymoon
  • revamp the basement into something more bright n perky
  • NOT find out if baby-to-come is a he or a she
  • ensure that i follow more than 50% of the preggy diet chart
  • sleep , read, sleep, read .....
  • be able to feel some 'movement' inside,hopefully it shld happen soon...
  • Pray everyday without fail
  • finish off a museum assignment

Well, i hope it will all happen!


Qs: What do u do when the neighbor plays a movie with the sound effects of an IMax theatre? Ans: Put on some CD of your own and listen to it through a headset! one wins!


Blogger second_wind said...

do update and let us know what all you did end up doing.BTW..watchd Guru..nice

January 31, 2007  

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