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Sunday, November 19

Why Dubai Int'l Airport and Emirates Airlines Rocks

Qs: which are the worlds best airports?
To know the answer: Click on this link World Airport Awards

Dubai International Airports features as the ninth best for 2006, and the best in the world for the category 'Best Duty Free Shopping'.

Not having visited the remaining top 8 in the list so far, I was v v impressed with almost everything at the Dubai Int'l Airport.

Some of the things that caught my fancy:

  • A quiet lounge where one can well, quietly, lounge about or catch 40 winks.
  • Really v impressive Duty free, where you can buy almost anything that you fancy, even exotic stuff, stuff latest in technology , etc. Ess' bought a cool show-offy gadget, you can see it here.
  • Loos in Indian style, fully stainless steel ones, and where thankfully, if the automatic flush does not work, you have a manual option too.
  • The angrezi loos are cooler than in most places of US/Europe/India too, because they feature plastic seat covers that renew themselves with every flush, so its always hygienic.
  • Prayer rooms - for men and women
  • Very personalized service. Let me give an example here: Two women who had way too much shopped realized they were about to miss their flight and were running about finding their gate. The efficient staff quickly notices them and comes there with those mobile vehicles and transports them to their gate quickly.
  • The transport vehicles are there almost all over the airport, where not just preggy or old people can use it , but everyone and anyone who does not want to walk over the 'walk-er or walking escalator, or whever-that one may call it', or even for those who feel plain lazy to reach anywhere!
  • It has separate smoking lounges, so rest of the folks are saved!
  • Amazing variety of food and drinks at the airport
  • Very quick formalities in and out

And to top it all, the airlines that we travelled in, Emirates, is one of the very best. Most of you would think that it cannot be as good as say British Airways or Air France or any other that you prefer. But we loved it so much, we even wanna travel it if we don't wanna fly via Dubai! Its that good! While we are on airlines, check out this link : World Airline Awards, where it has been voted as the best for in-flight entertainment. But yes, I am also v impressed with the fact that they served Jain meal on sectors which did not touch India at all, had ''Attar (Scent'') along with moisturiser for all to use, had one of the most friendly and smiling staff, and best of all, it had so much space to feel comfy even in Economy class... As for inflight entertainment, one can say, play games with another traveller, speak on phone with someone on another seat, send email to anyone in the world, get latest bbc news while on the flight, and watch fundoo flicks in Hindi/Tamil/Malayalam/Tagalog/etc etc whatever languages you know! Or listen to soothing music likemeditation music, or ghazals or whatever suits your fancy.. I watched something that I wanted to from a long time, 'Da Vinci Code'. In every way, the journey was a WOW!

Bee-ism: Expect nothing, and you may get the world!


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